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Oddball - simple options

In simple options, the window which appears looks like this:

Total number of stimuli

Total number of stimuli is the overall number of stimuli in the sequence. It includes all the deviants and all the standards. It is good to note that a few stimuli in the beginning and a few in the end of the sequence are ignored to insure reliability. Despite this, total number of stimuli includes even them.

Stimulus Onset Asynchrony

Stimulus Onset Asynchrony (SOA) means the time from the start of previous stimulus to the start of next one. Input the SOA in seconds, so if you want the SOA to be e.g. 200ms, input "0.2". Do not confuse SOA with ISI (inter-stimulus interval), which means the time from the end of previous stimulus to the start of next one.

Probability of deviant

Probability of deviant is the probability that a randomly selected stimulus from the sequence is a deviant stimulus. The actual probability may differ slightly, because numbers of stimuli are integer numbers. The difference, however, is very small, and the actual probability is shown, when the sequence has been made.

When you have made these settings, click Next and see further help here.

If you want more options, click the Advanced options-button and see further help here.

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No user support is provided. However, the software and the source code are still openly available for your use.